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When it comes to writing a Will, don't be tempted by the quick fix cheap offerings found on the internet or likewise. Many people have been fooled into thinking that they have made adequate provision for their family and loved ones, only to find that the Will or the provisions contained within it simply leave your family in chaos.

Many people “put off” writing a Will. After all, who likes to think about their own death? However, we find that once a Will has been written any worries disappear and it can allow you to get on with living. It is vitally important to make a Will whatever your circumstances and however small or large your estate is.

Making a Will is important for us all as without it your estate could end up in the wrong hands, even in some cases, the hands of the State. Also, without a Will your next of kin may find administering your affairs much harder and may end up paying more Inheritance Tax.

If you have a Will drawn up, you should be aware certain changes in personal circumstances should be a trigger to review your Will. These changes might be your personal circumstances of those who would benefit from your Will.

Even if your situation is quite settled, changes in the IHT rules (and there have been upheavals in recent years) can mean that a structure within your Will that had tax advantages at the time the Will was made has ceased to be beneficial, or tax planning opportunities are now being missed.

If you would like us to review your current Will and advise whether it is efficient, we are able to offer this service free of charge. Bottrills would also remind you, we are able to offer the facility to store your Will and title deeds to your property in our strong room without charge.